Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Swimming Medals!

My boys both had Swimming Galas this month, Dan had a Gala with the rest of the club, and then the week after, Joel had a "mini" Gala with the rest of his class. The littluns swam with floats etc....and Joel got a gold and a silver medal!!! Unfortunately, Dan isn't happy with his performance, hence no picture...he's very hard on himself :(

He did so well though...he swam against boys a class above him, and there were 2 heats before his final, so he'd already swam two 100m races before he got to the final!!! He came third and got a bronze medal, and we are immensely proud of him...

I just wish he was a bit more proud of himself :(


Blogger Claire said...

I'll be rooting for both of them in 2012! Great news that they've got a full set of medals between them!

7:00 PM  

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