Thursday, February 01, 2007

*UGH*.....poorly me.....*UGH* started on Sunday, thought it was just a cold, but as it transpired (after a trip to the doctor man) I had a chest infection, and a bit of flu as well I think.....because on Monday morning I literally could not move :( Every bone in my body hurt. My darling husband has been a complete star throughout, as usual, and took 2 days off work soI could get over it.
It lasted till, well, this morning! I woke up and finally felt human... HURRAH!!!!
I knew it was bad......I hadn't done any knitting for 3 days......
But I started a new project last night, in a beautiful colourway most expertly dyed by Gemma, for a beautiful girl in Switzerland. They are shaping up beautifully, and the yarn is forming a really interesting pattern :)
Feeling a bit more optimistic about being 35 now *grins*


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