Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Goodness me, where did that time go? The last two weeks has been quite crazy...and if I am honest I am glad its all over for another year. I do enjoy Christmas, especially the family time, but its just the whole build up to it...by this I mean Christmas cards/paper/gifts/sdverts all popping out of the woodwork and into the shops at the end of October??? Crazy......
Its all seemingly back to normal now, if my life can be classed as *normal* hehehe..Daniel is back at school, Joel at pre-school and I am back to work knitting. I had lots of fun over Christmas knitting hats, and starting my first pair of socks!!! They are coming along great, if slowly now...will blog them when they are done :)
And, wonders will never cease.......I HAVE A WEBSITE!!!!
Just a holding page at the moment, but with the promise of so much more!!!


Blogger Nic said...

Happy new year!!! Guess what?? We go to Skip North this year!!!
I completely agree with you. I love the family time at Christmas but all the build up in the shops, tv, etc? grr

8:06 PM  

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