Monday, October 29, 2007

Fibrey Goodness :)

This is the spindle single/wheel single I posted earlier...hand dyed in a colourway i have named "Mexicana".....aaaaarrrrriba!

This is made from some yummy merino roving I bought to do felting with. I was saving it to spindle, as I can get a really thin single on my spindle. But, I just HAD to use my wheel.... a kid with a new toy I am....
Theres a block purple single, and a variegated pinks and purple single. Amazingly, the yardage on both came out almost identical!!! That must say something about my spinning..... *grins*
Still having plying issues though......but that will resolve itself with practice. Just need more FIBRE!!!


Blogger bigbird said...

wow. it getting better all the time. Before you know it you will be shaving it off ya own sheep, who mows the lawn for ya, spinning and then dyeing then voila the finished article.
Fab well done

8:18 PM  

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