Thursday, May 31, 2007


Made a scene in WH Smith on Tuesday, and have waged an internet war on them....LOL
I went into one of their stores in Loughborough the other day, and right at the front of the store, at child level and next to children's chart videos was a stand full of what I deem to be Adult 18+magazines! I spoke to the store manager to ask that it be moved, and he said I had to contact head office about it (a "computer says no" moment, believe me) I was appalled...children have come into contact with enough unsuitable material every day...this really took the biscuit for me...
I want my boys growing up to believe a womans body is beautiful and (and I quote a good friend here) "it's not the exposed breasts that's the problem it's the connotations behind it, if our boys get used to seeing images like that they think it's right and normal and that there is importance in cosmetically altered women scantility dressed for their entertainment."

I am not a prude, but I want my boys to be able to view this kind of material at their leisure when they are old enough...not have it thrust upon them at impressionable ages

So, if anyone goes into their WHSmith this week, can you look out for the stand and note where it is, and email them yourself to complain, if its next to somewhere where kids will go, ie next to a stand targetted specifically at children/next to the sweets ???

The email address is


Blogger Daisy said...

Oh golly, that's appalling. I'll keep my eyes open (eeek) next time I'm in WHSmith. Would hate my nephews seeing something like that on display too.

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