Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Introducing ... LoveLace

My lovely Yarn Supplier, Mr Wool , got a new delivery of base yarns last week, including one base I thought might be very interesting... It's a 55% BFL-45% Silk 600m Lace... so, not quite sock weight, and not quite Lace...

 'Drrty Grrl'

I took it to my Thursday Night KnitClub, and there was a lot lot of discussion, mostly about what to do with 600m of light fingering yarn, haha :P... but the general consensus was a big Thumbs up with copious amount of fondling :D 
I am very pleased with it, especially as it doesn't smelly strongly of sheep, which has always put me off dyeing with BFL in the past.  We also decided on the name 'LoveLace' 
...I'll let all your imaginations wander as to why we came up with that name.... *GRiNS* ...


It is a bouncy, high twist two ply, very shiny too... I really like it's whispy qualities. 
Have yet to knit with it myself... but I definitely plan to!! Maybe another 'Swiss Cheese' Scarf... *ponders* ... with this colour :D


It's going to retail at £15, and I'll be adding it to the shop shortly!!!


Blogger Chrissy said...

hmmmm look very interesting......

4:53 PM  
Blogger Linz Knits Now said...

Love the name....because of the connotation....but really it's just gorgeous xxx

9:36 PM  

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