Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tangled River... MOAR !!

Sofar, as the 'Save Mutonia' campaign approaches the 48hr mark, the fundraising effort has reached £715! So, to help them reach £1K, I have decided to offer you all a custom-dyed Yarn and Pattern kit.
The shop listing is HERE
As much as I would LOVE to continue donating 100% of the money you give me, I can't, so I have come to a compromise...
If you buy the yarn and pattern kit from me, 100% of the pattern proceeds will go to help the cause (so £3) and I'll also donate £2 of the yarn proceeds as well. I'll send the yarn to you in the post, and email you the PDF. Or alternatively, you can request a paper copy, but you won't get the PDF as well. Just let me know the colour you want in the 'message to seller' option at checkout :D

You guys were SO generous yesterday, the skeins I offerred up for the campaign all sold out within an hour, so I hope this charitable energy will continue to blossom with this additional kit.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your help. 
Knitterly peeps are truly the BEST people on the planet :D


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