Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Tangled River

As you all know, WoollyWormhead and myself are good friends, we've known each other for what seems like a lifetime, and we share a love of good wool, a lot of laughter and cider :D 
We also share a starsign, which explains a lot about how we understand each other's artistic drives.
Sadly, we also don't see each other very often, and when things get dark and difficult in our lives, something always comes along to bring us together, whether it be in real life or electronically. We have the kind of friendship that means we can be apart for months, sometimes not even properly catching up with each other, but when we do, it was like we only saw each other 5 minutes ago. 
Now, Woolly lives on an artists commune in Italy, and at the moment they are having a few difficulties, so, I feel the need to try and help them all, in my own way, as I can't physically be there to offer support.  Please go and read her Blog to get a better, more succinct explanation of the situation :)
The only way I can help at the moment is to sell wool to help Mutonia and it's artists, so, I have created a pattern and Yarn slot in the shop, here

It's not just about Woolly and her familys' home it's also about the homes of the 20+ people who live there. 
And to quote Woolly herself directly ... 

"It's about defending the rights of individuals who wish to live alternatively and work creatively. This is a vibrant community and it needs to stay that way."

(all images reproduced with the kind permission of their owners)


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