Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Actual Knitting content!

I am totally obsessed with this pattern ... 'Wingspan' ... it's so easy to knit, and the effects you can achieve with it are only limited by your imagination. 
A GREAT stashbuster for sock yarns as well...
It's taken me a couple of months of occasional knitting to make it, so, you could make one withing a couple of weeks if you were more dedicated than me :D
I used 200g of sock weight yarn for this one, 100g of 'Radiance' sock, and 100g of some Fyberspates 'Sheila's Sock' I had in my stash, striped together. Knitted on 3.25 needles, so the yarn has room to stay all plump and squooshy ...
A complete WIN, if I do say so myself *smugface* ... hahaha :D


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