Friday, September 10, 2010

I have decided.....

"Gazania" Merino Sock

"Butterscotch" British Merino Sock

"Butterscotch" Boo Sock

Today was a bleary and grey day, the kind of day that just sucks your energy... but this beautiful Gazania, in a neglected pot outside my back door just totally inspired me, it was like my sunshine :)
And this gave me an idea !!!

From now on, I have decided, that Fridays are going to be my “Fun” day :)

Not that every day in my working week isn’t fun, ‘cos it is, but I want Fridays to be real fun…being challenged :)

So, lovely people, I challenge you to inspire me :)

Post a picture on the "Friday Inspirations" thread on my Ravelry group, or a link to something, and every Friday I will choose a picture from that thread, and work from it, producing a body of work around this inspiration.

Then, I will blog what I have done :)

Incidentally, if it’s your picture I choose, you’ll win a prize ;)

Sound like fun???

PS. None of the above yarns will be on sale in my shop, unfortunately. They are part of a trade order going to Fibre and Clay in Knutsford

Joel was inspired too :)

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Blogger Linz Knits Now said...

aw..I love this post because I like how one thing manifests into a diversity of inspiration...lovely yarn, a fabulous drawing and a great idea for a friday...thank crunchie it's friday!

9:05 PM  

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