Saturday, May 30, 2009

June Fibre Club

"Fire in the Sky"


These are the two colourway choices I am offerring up for June's Fibre Club. There will be 100g of the chosen colourway, on Falkland, and then 100g of solid black Falkland to ply it with. There will be 200g in total. Voting for the colourways will end on Monday night, and the club slots will open over in my shop then too :)
The fibre won't be dyed until after Ravelry Day though......
June's club is also the fibre we're using for a Spin~a~long, if all these things are pushing your buttons, head over to my Ravelry group and cast your vote!!!
See you there!


Blogger H said...

can't I have both?
hehe ;)

5:35 PM  

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