Saturday, February 25, 2006

Where did the week go?

Its Saturday did that happen?
Had quite an interesting week, full of breadmaking, the usual daily dross (boooo) and a visit to Uppingham Yarns, which is a warehouse in Uppingham full of ex-industrial yarns, for home, trade, and club machine knitters. They also stock ex-industrial, special purpose and exotic yarns for hand and machine knitters. I was alittle disappointed at the lack of choice for what I wanted, and only came away with one 550g cone of Jade aran weight yarn, but for £3.50 you can't grumble :)
The Real Nappy Network got together yesterday, as there was a Council orgainised event at Brocks Hill Environment Centre All the Leics real nappy sellers/manufacturers were there, and the council were giving away £15 vouchers to all who attended :D I went with a friend, who stocked up on new nappies for her little girl...anda friend from the village got her nappy stash sorted there too. We didn't stay long, as our boys were getting rowdy and bored, as boys tend to do....bless 'em ;)
Have done plenty of longie knitting this week as I need to re-stock my page at Puddlepants Have two pairs on the go, a small and a large pair :) Also, am going to try and start my test knit this weekend if I can!


Blogger Nic said...

How is the knitting going? Sounds like a busy weekend.
Thanks for the note about those two books. I've read the rivalry one and think its good. The other I have just been reading an excert from in and it looks v good. Might have to invest in that one for all of our sanity.
How did the bread turn out?
I want to get a nappy network going here but I swear all the real nappy users hide in Lincolnshire. I'l have to start beating a few more bushes I think.

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