Monday, November 07, 2005

Doodlepants Longies

I am working on a new pattern at the moment.....DoodlePants
I emailed the lady who wrote the pattern, and she is happy to recieve a small donation every time I (hopefully) sell one....woohoo! I hope to market these longies for "day" wear, as they are knit in stocking stitch as opposed to rib (K1 P1). They are perfect for embellishing too, with pockets/embroidery/patches etc. I could also make them bootcut and knit decorative edgings on the bottoms of the legs. We shall see how it goes ;)
Got some more Addis in the post this morning :D
I have a real collection of them going on now...all 4mm and 3.25 mm sizes in varying lengths from 30cm up to 80cm...


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