Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shake Your TailFeather

The inspiration for this yarn colour is Magpie tail feathers. Probably the only beautiful thing about the bird, in my opinion, is how the smokey colour of their tail feathers shimmer like oil on water in the sunlight.

The rest of the time they are big noisy bullies. I have 4 of them that live in the trees in my garden, so am surrounded by their cacophony pretty much all the time. 

I was unsure of how it would work out, but I shouldn't have worried... it turned out so much better than I could have hoped for!!

These pictures show both sides of the yarn. I dyed it on semi~Precious, the most favourite of all my base yarns to play with because of its construction and fibre mix ... 50% Silk and 50% SW Merino.
If you've never worked with it before, I highly recommend it, especially for shawls and anything you need to have 'drape' 
And at £14 per 100g skein, it's great value, without comprimising on luxury :)


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