Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Arkanoid ... Again !

I decided to make another 'Arkanoid'... simply because I have more scarves that are turquoisy in colour, and I'd like to keep the semi~Precious one to display when I do a Wool Show :D

Also, because I had already made one, the stitch pattern and texture completely fascinated me, and I wondered how I could make it stand out a lot more. All I could think about was the binary code sequences at the beginning of 'The Matrix', so I set about trying to recreate it :D

I had to choose the right yarn for this out of my inventory, and 'Flump' sock is perfect if you want good, bouncy stitch definition. Plus, it was no chore knitting with it, because I love it!!
Instead of going full on solid with the dyeing, it was important to leave lots of semi-dyed bits, so that the overdye would pick these up, and then they'd stand out when it came to knitting.
And it worked out perfectly, and is so much nicer in real life. Whenever it's on my head I just can't stop touching it... which make me look a bit odd, but hey, who cares!


Blogger Evelyn Hender said...

it's lovely, really suits you. The semi solid effect on the yarn is gorgeous, really brings out the details of the pattern

7:56 PM  

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