Friday, June 18, 2010

A well travelled Centrique

Semi Precious in "PetrolHead"

This is "Centrique" by Carol Feller of Stolen Stitches....

... a beautiful shawlette pattern, that looks really complicated but isn't....
(**GRiNS** my favourite kind of pattern!!)
Carol has kindly adapted it for use with my new base yarn, Semi-Precious (pictured top) and I am hosting a Knit~a~long on my Ravelry Group, where you can sign up to have a skein specially dyed to the colour of choice. You will easily get a whole shawlette out of one skein, regardless of how you knit.
I will be offerring both the pattern, and the yarn at a special KAL price of £16.

Huge thanks to my lovely friend, Sally, for agreeing to test knit "Centrique" for me, and also many thanks to Carol...for adapting her beautiful pattern to go with my yarn :D


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