Tuesday, June 08, 2010

In search of the perfect red..

A "from scratch" Red (as opposed to a lazy pre~mixed red) is a difficult colour to nail. Nailing this perfect red has now become a little quest of mine...and here is my first~ish attempt, on BooLace.
I have called it "Rowan" which in Gaelic means "little redhead"...and I really thing it does look like red hair!!
How I'd imagine the Victorian Super Model, Elizabeth Siddal's hair to be...

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Blogger Adee aka kiwigirl42 said...

this is lovely

1:06 PM  
Blogger CraftyCripple said...

Gorgeous. It's so rare to see such a lovely deep rich red like this.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

I LOVE this red!

7:18 PM  

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