Sunday, August 16, 2009

Enquiring Minds??

I've been asked a few times over the past week how I go about creating a 3ply, and what makes me choose the colours I do...well, here is my best explanation ;)

Pictured is my next spinning Project...some Merino~tencel from LimeGreenJelly and some Merino from PoppyFlowerFibers

I pick a variegated/space dyed fibre, then I choose co~ordinating colours out of that as my other two plies. One may be a semi~solid fibre with the coordinating colour in, and the other a solid…or one may be another space~dyed fibre that wholly complements the other (my pictured fibres fit into this category) and a solid.

I tend to veer strongly away from too much green (as a co~ordinating ply), as it is a very overpowering colour, as are bright oranges…..but, sometimes you want this…for example, green is the predominant colour in the pictures above.

Sometimes you can't fight it....hehehe

It really depends on how I feel at the time too…I’ve often chosen all the fibre for a 3 ply, spun one then completely changed my mind about one or sometimes even both of the other two! That’s why I always spin a variegated ply first, as colours do change a lot after spinning, they mix to produce other colours, and sometimes become paler…

It’s difficult to put how I do it into words.


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