Monday, August 03, 2009

First Bobbin :)

Well, I’ve been spinning a lot on her since I got her on Saturday, and have just finished 100g of Finn I got from Moonlightbaker in her “Earth Mother” colourway.
Wanted to go with a long stapled fibre to begin with ;)
The Robin is very different to spin on when compared to the ease of the Louet Julia, but, I use my Julia as an ST because I treadle too fast, whereas this one I can DT with no problems, as it’s harder to treadle fast.
So, my spinning position is better, ergonomically, and I can spin for longer because of it. I don't get a sore left bum cheek from single thats the first point of WIN ;)
She’s very much like my old Louet S10, I don’t think I’ll get “skinny” yarn on her. But if wanted to go skinny, I have the Julia and the Victoria for that :D WIN again!
Someone commented in a group on Ravelry, that they’d heard a podcast reviewing the Robin, and that the reviewer didn’t like it much because it was like treadling “uphill”…I would agree with this, but it’s not a bad thing for me. More WIN
Something else I like is that when you stop treadling, the wheel stops too…completely.
I have now started spinning some merino, which is slippier and has a shorter staple, so it is a little harder to go fast, but its not too bad.....
So, I am happy with her, she's pretty and spins well...there's not much more you could ask for :D

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Blogger Liz said...

I bet you get more leg exercise, too!

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