Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fluffy goodness and a poorly finger!

Had lots of fluffy post this week :) Which has cheered me up no end, as my youngest son mistook my wedding ring finger as a football earlier on in the week and I was rather afraid it was broken :o(
It s alot better now though, I have tons more movement in it...but it still really hurts nontheless...

This is Corriedale, from Spindlefrog on etsy, "Alleluia" its called....its so lovely, i couldn't resist it...

And these two beauties are from LindaLee also on etsy, above is "Rainbow's End" and below is "Midsummer's Dream" Both are Merino/Cashmere.....drools...

I have quite a stash of merino/cashmere now, maybe I should think about spinning it up...hehehe

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Blogger Helen said...

ohhhh that rainbows end is beautiful

11:49 AM  

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