Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Monday :)

Woke up feeling a bit urghblah.......its the dark mornings,cold and rain I guess.....coupled with the fact I HATE Mondays......
Anyway, I had to take the kids to school, as our car is going in for its MOT today, so I got up and did the lunches etc I also was planning to nip into Loughborough, to get a ceramic crock slow cooker, after being completely inspired by Alyclepal and her wonderful crock pot dyed rovings :) There's one in Argos for £8.49
Got to Loughborough about 9.30am and got the slow cooker (*bonus* I spent some nectar points and got it for £3.49!!!) and got a call from Sasha about meeting for a I moseyed up to Big W to change a crappy Christmas pressie of Dan's and got some nice sleepwear in the sale *woohoo* and some new black vests......then met Sasha for a lovely chat and coffee.....then back on the bus for 11am!!!!

I currently have 100g of roving in the slow course I have I hear you say. When I am prolific and creative, there is no stopping me, but when I hit a slump, and do some hole-dwelling.....thats another story, eh?

Used this tutorial here will no doubt blog results later on in the week!!!

Hope everyone has a great week......despite the crud weather......



Blogger ambermoggie said...

hope you are feeling better now you are dyeing:) This time of year always makes my spirits low and I feel permanently tired. Love the colours you dyed yesterday can't wait to see them knit up

4:10 PM  

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