Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blogging friends!!!

All my "real life" friends now have blogs......its great :)

Theres all about her at Miffyrabbit
And Sasha, a Super-ish Mum, which is rather an understatement... ;)
Then Lottie's Knitting and Stuff
And last but not least, at Sarah... read all about her business and her family life at Angel Tots and other creations

I've known these lovely ladies for years, as we were/are members/comittee of the Leicestershire Real Nappy Network.....


Blogger SarahM said...

Yay for blogging buddies!!
I think blogging is fab... don't know why I didnt do it sooner, it's such a great way to keep friends updated. And I didnt know miffy had a blog now, just paid her a visit :)

Sarah xx

10:28 PM  

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