Sunday, November 11, 2007

We're in!!!

Kids bedroom is finished...well it's liveable in ;)
Have had to put the bunk bed up, as Daniel's matress is way too wide for the built up cabin bed in the small room (which will eventually be his room)...but Dan's happy, and I think its nice for them to be together in there until Joel gets used to being in a new place.Our bed is up, the chests of drawers are in etc, clothes in built in wardrobes.
....As for the rest of the house...none of my curtains fit the new windows...bad planning I know.....its not like I havn't had enough time now is it.....
Feel a bit like a goldfish in a bowl...but hey...
Boxes everywhere....I still have 2 full boxes of kitchen stuff and no cupboard space left.....gah!
But we're all relatively happy.......its a nice place, really warm (we've had to turn the heating off as it was too warm!) much work still left to do though....


Blogger SarahM said...

Wow I'm impressed your even back to blogging this early on!
Enjoy your lovely new house:)

Sarah X

9:48 PM  
Blogger rosy said...

have fun!
rosy xxxx

10:40 PM  
Blogger bigbird said...

once the beds are in the rest is relative. and what a good time to sort out the extra kitchen stuff u never use and stash it in the loft, car boot or bin!!
glad u settled. within a week or too it will feel like u bin there for ever XXXX

11:31 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

I love those jeans. Funky monky ;)

9:46 PM  

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