Sunday, July 01, 2007


Wow....what a weekend.....
Woolfest was brilliant!!!! Everything I imagined, but better....

Sarah and I set off from Leicester about 5.45pm Thursday, and arrived at the campsite at about 11pm.....putting the tent up in the howling wind and rain was rather fun. I didn't sleep a wink all night, 'cos I was so excited (plus I hadn't put enough air in the airbed *sigh*) and I stirred at about 6am... it was a LOOONG wait until the doors of Woolfest opened at 10am!!!!

The venue is a huge metal barn, and it was choc full of wool vendors, animals, raw fleeces...everything wool related was there :) I had to restrain myself quite a lot, I could have spent a fortune!

This is a pic of The Natural Dye Studio's stall...she took over 100kg of wool with her!!! Such a lovely lady, and extra specially talented too :)

This is a great pic I took of a wall of sock yarn on
The Web of Wool's stall. I took it landscape as I couldn't get it all in, but I actually like it like looks like a yummy scrummy woolly mattress *grin*

I didn't buy much for personal use, it was all work related. I met my main yarn supplier, Andy from ,what a great bloke :) I also met the people I buy my dyes from, Twist and DT Crafts and I also found a new supplier, of organic Merino wool.....goodness me it's so soft....!!!!

I also met up with a few people I know... my good friend The KraftyKoala , WoollyWormhead and her Mum (blogless Gloria) , Wye Sue , Susoolu and quite a few others too....but I have a rubbish brain for remembering stuff....!!!!!

So, the ensuing weeks will see me experimenting with new colour schemes, and other really really exciting stuff *winks*


Blogger Jen said...

Oooooooooooooh, yum!

I can just imagine lying on that wool from the web of wool.

What did you get? I am in neeeeeeeeed of some yarn porn!

Glad you had fun!

10:00 PM  

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