Sunday, July 22, 2007

BzzAgent Babylonglegs!!!

Yes.....thats me :)

I signed up to BzzAgent about 3 months ago now, its basically a consumer reviews website, but with this one you actually get to test the products out. The more you "Bzz" or tell people about BzzAgent, and the products you've tested...the more points you get....thus unlocking entry into other campaigns. I thought it was worth a go...and its okay actually...!!!
Sofar I have looked at Nectar eStores and the Wilkinson Sword Intuition razor exclusively for women. I used the razor yesterday, and I must admit to being a bit sceptical about it tbh. Firstly for the amount of packaging it comes in, and the fact it is made of non recycleable plastic. The blade is surrounded by a solid soap/moisturiser, so you don't need to put anything on your legs first. I did find the handle of the razor filled up with water though, as I was trying to rinse the blade, and also the soap solid gets hair in it *giggle* But it was generally legs are beautifully smooth...I am not sure about the closeness of the shave though. Plus...I had to leave the razor out so the soap could dry, 'cos if I had put the lid on I am sure the moisture would not have evaporated and would have made the soap surrounding the blade all mushy. It was hard to do under my arms as well...

"Intuition Plus is the all-in-one women's razor designed to fit in to your busy life, not on top of it. Thanks to a unique and convenient design, it lathers, shaves and moisturises in one simple step to give a speedy yet skin-friendly and close shave — so you spend less time in the bathroom. "

Well I actually like spending time in the is a break from the kids!!! Hahahaha.....but I have to say its one of the fastest shaves I have ever I guess thats a thumbs up!

But, my general review of this product is... thanks for the freebie, but I won't be buying it *wink*


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