Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My son, the Diplomat

Joel and I made a hat yesterday, and had fun with you do....
After we'd finished, I needed 5 minutes to get on with some woolly stuff and he wouldn't let me, and my washing machine broke I was a littled irked. Anyway, he threw his hat on the floor, and stamped on it...I lost my rag and screwed it up and threw it in the bin (yes I know, naughty Mummy) I felt awful about it, so I apologised to him, explained why it happened, and we made 2 more hats together...
Later on in the day, after the school run and pre-school, Joel had a little friend round to play. He got the hats off the window sill, and went to give Daniel his. His friend said "Wheres mine?"...and Joel thought for a minute...and gave his friend Daniel's hat. Then he went over to Daniel and said...
"Mummy screwed your hat up and threw it in the bin Daniel, so you hav'nt got one"

After I recovered from fits of laughter at his cleverness, it occurred to me he might have a future in diplomacy....hahaha


Blogger rosy said...

Well done, Joel - how clever!!
Best story I have read in ages!!
love Rosy xx

12:22 PM  

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