Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Product at Babylonglegs!!!

I am so excited about this!! If you remember a few weeks ago I shared that Carol Feller from Stolen Stitches designed a pattern in my SW BFL sock yarn?
Well she's given me permission to sell kits to make the jumpers with her pattern included!!!
So, if you want to knit this beautiful childrens jumper, which takes between one and three skeins of SW BFL sock yarn......please head over to my shop!! I just got a delivery of the loveliest yarn, a really high twist BFL sock....will be hardwearing, and will also have great stitch definition :)
I am offerring it as a custom dye only at the you decide what size you'll need to knit, and I dye the wool in your chosen colours.
Couldn't be more simple.....right???


Blogger Daisy said...

Cool idea! I'd love to knit one of those, once I've located a small child to knit for! Already got nephew's birthday present underway...

1:51 PM  

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