Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!!

Remember this Blog post (second post down) ??
Well, we went and ordered it today, and got 10% off.....bonus!!!
.:: squeeees ::.

We've got someone booked in to lay the concrete base and block up the outside cupboard, a plumber to come round and move the gas pipe that is in the way, and also have my MILs old kitchen sitting in the garage :) It needs cladding with plasterboard and insulating too.....
All I need now is to start collecting appliances ;) Two electric cookers would be nice, an urn to heat the hot water and a few other bits and pieces.
If I am extrememly good girl and smile sweetly at everyone, I'll be up and running this side of Christmas...
It will be so nice to go *out* to work...get out of my kitchen!! I might even enjoy cooking food in it for a change???
I will get my house back......and maybe start treating it like a proper house and get it properly decorated, although I do like the bohemian look, eh Nic ;)


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