Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Co-ordinated Bag Lady ;)

I have this really talented friend, who makes me the most beautiful bags !!! I gave her a design brief a few months ago, as I love denim, especially patchwork denim, and I a little bit of a sucker for skulls too. And this is what she came up with!!! Its made from a pair of patchwork jeans she got from eBay, and lined with fabarOOnie Skull fabric !!!
The cross body bag fits me perfectly, and the shopping bag came this now I am a totally co-ordinated bag lady :)

Thankyou wonderful sewing laydee :)


Blogger Ally said...

Love these:-)
Take care,
Alison (allycoll on ravelry)

2:13 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

I'm glad you like them :)

3:33 PM  

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